Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy
Hot Stone Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Simply The Back


Palmetto Massage Specialists is a licensed therapist owned Massage wellness and relaxation clinic. Our mindset is rooted and based on helping you reach a less stressful and pain free lifestyle.


Your massage will be tailored to fit your needs whether you need specific issues or injuries addressed or if you are needing complete relaxation. Following your treatment we will make sure you are comfortable and hydrated. We will discuss your follow up treatments if needed.


Prior to your massage treatment, one of our therapists performs a complete evaluation, talking with you about your condition and goals.

Swedish Massage
Oncology Massage

A variety of techniques to relax muscles by applying pressure and rubbing in the same direction as blood flow returning to the heart. This will increase oxygen and release toxins from the body.

A deep intense pressure to realign deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. This will relieve chronic aches and pains and alleviate contracted muscles.

a massage modality used to alleviate chronic and acute paining muscles and joints brought on by trigger points and ischemic tissue.

assists the body in cleansing the connective tissue of inflammation and toxins. It enhances the activity of the immune system and reduces pain and swelling.

tailored treatment to the individuals needs with cancer. The use of gentle touch techniques to safely provide comfort of side effects of treatments. MLD can be incorporated.

A soothing type of massage using hot stones as an extension of the therapists hands to enhance the soothing effects of the massage.

A 20 minute treatment focusing on the back only. Using different techniques to relax and relieve muscle pain.